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About us

Huntem.com is a newly launched Danish website for hunters and people who are interested in wild life and nature.

Huntem originates from ”hunt them” meaning the experiences and to hunt the experiences is exactly what the website offers. We accompany the hunters before, during, and after the hunt.

Huntem.com is a website for people with varying interests in hunting; from the hunter who has just achieved his or her hunting licence to the experienced hunter with many years of great hunting experiences.

We offer

Different aspects of hunting are gathered at Huntem.com.

We take great pride in offering a superior experience of our hunting universe. We make an effort choosing photos of beautiful and fascinating scenaries including wild life, trophies and landscapes from all over the world. Talented photographers contribute to the visual expression of the website and thereby stimulate the interest in hunting.

Huntem.com offers a wide range of hunting tours from main, reputable hunting travel companies in this market. We offer a comparable overview of different hunting tours around the world and across the associated hunting travel companies. In this way, the hunters have the unique opportunity to make a more qualified choice of the requested hunting experience.

In addition, we provide the link between farmers or forest owners and hunters searching for new hunting areas, either close by or abroad. We also provide a link between hunters in order for them to network, share and/or exchange hunting experiences.

Huntem.com presents personal stories of great hunting experiences and strives to create an inspiring network between hunters from all over the world. When hunters share their hunting experiences at Huntem.com, we focus on positive feedback and the joy of sharing.

Huntem.com gathers a relevant selection of Danish courses, events, and workshops in relation to hunting. As there are many professionals offering these activities, we want to give hunters a better overview of the available selection in Denmark.

An important part of hunting is also to share a delicate meal including the game meat. We corroborate with leading chefs, wine connoisseurs and other enthusiastic people with fine skills in cooking and deliver some of their favorite recipes.

Join us…

Currently, the website is in Danish in order to target the Scandinavian hunting audience. We aim at an international version as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we refer to our instagram profile, huntem_official, where we welcome you to our visual hunting universe.

Good luck hunting the experiences!

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